Online Games to Practice Counting from 1 – 10!

Our online games will help young ones practice counting from 1 – 10 in English! The games have been designed to get young learners familiar with counting and sequencing, as well as recognising the numbers and the sounds of the numbers. These games are perfect for Early Years Foundation Stage students.

Online Counting Games

We have a selection of counting games for you to choose from. Practice shooting numbers with a cannon, tapping/clicking on marching turtles or feeding carrots to rabbits! There’s plenty to choose from whatever your young one’s learning style.

Games with Audio

Many of our counting games have an audio track with voices saying the numbers as they are clicked. Although all of our games have sound on / off buttons, we highly suggest leaving the sound on where so your youngsters can quickly become familiar with the sounds of the numbers.

Make It Fun!

While repetition is essential when learning to count, too much and it will become boring and the students will cease to be fully engaged. Therefore mix and match the games to give variety and keep things interesting.

Make games extra fun by encouraging the students to join along in saying the words out loud or even singing the words!

Check out These Online Counting Games