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Educational games are a great way to make learning fun for youngsters – and even better if they include your own material and content! Imagine some of the games we have here, but with your children’s voice or using characters they have drawn – or perhaps games which teach a specific vocabulary set or a set of values which are important to you and your family/students.

Making educational games is not ‘that’ difficult (it does take a logical mind and a willingness to learn new things) and you certainly don’t need to be a super techie to start creating fun and engaging educational games.

You can load your finished game onto your own blog or website – or if you prefer, we will host it here in a secure and private space for you and your students/children to visit.

Learn How to Create Your Own Educational Games

We know that everyone is going to have different requirements – some people will just want to take one of our games to tweak and customize to create something unique, whereas others will want to roll up their sleeves and dive in and learn how to create educational games from scratch (and after mastering creating educational games – there’s a whole treasurechest of different game types to learn).

Therefore, we have a couple of options for you to consider:

Game Templates

Our game templates have been designed so you can further customize and develop the games. You can change everything from graphics and sound through to game play. Each template comes with an in depth tutorial showing how to customize the templates plus ideas for how you can develop the templates to create a variety of games.

You can create limitless numbers of games with each template.

You will require Construct 3, an excellent game making platform, in order to edit the game templates. Some of our game templates can be edited with the free version of Construct 3, others require the paid for version. The paid version of Construct 3 is highly featured and we very much recommend it.

Game templates in a nutshell:

  • Allow you to customize the templates with your own graphics, sound etc
  • Create unlimited games from the templates
  • Requires Construct 3 in order to edit the templates (the paid for version is around $100 a year – the cost varies by location)
  • Each template comes with a full tutorial showing how to edit the templates

Educational Game Making Course

If you want to start creating your own educational games from scratch, our future educational game making course will be just the thing!

This is planned for later in 2020 and our goal is to teach you how to create a variety of eduational games your students will love.

You will require a paid for version of Construct 3 to take the course (however we will be offering an intro course which uses the free version so you can test the water before committing).

This is the perfect solution for someone who has wanted to make educational games but hasn’t been sure where to start.

  • Course coming later in 2020
  • Comprehensively covering all aspects of educational game making
  • Will require the paid for version of Construct 3
  • Suitable for complete beginners

Join Us as a Founding Member!

We are soon to launch our educational game making club and you have the opportunity to be a founding member! As a founding member, you will be the very first to learn how to create games with us and you’ll be instrumental in helping us form the best possible service for budding educational game makers. As such – you will join at a super-special found member price.

Make Educational Games!

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