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Scan to play on your mobile deviceMore games you’ll loveHelp the Witch With Her Magic Potion – Basic Vocabulary GamePractice colors, counting 1 – 10 and basic vocabulary in English while helping the little witch with her magic potion!Missing Number…

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Scan to play on your mobile device1------------2------------3------------4------------5------------6------------7------------8------------9------------10------------More games you'll loveMissing Number Game - Beginner AlgebraClick and Count Tortoises! Count 1 - 100Click and count the tortoises! There are two levels - first try counting in order from one to ten and then test your knowledge by counting numbers at random 🙂Cannon Shoot! Shoot the Numbers 1 - 10How well do you know the numbers 1 - 10 in English? Practice reading numbers and shooting the correct one in this fun numbers game with four levels!