Welcome to Student Playground! My name is Kate Pullen and I have created Student Playground as a safe online environment for students to play educational games to help support their learning.

You may also know me from my website Make Breaks (where I provide free printables) or Away With The Pixels (my educational clip art and graphics store)

I have been an ESL teacher for over 15 years, teaching in person and online and I have been creating educational computer games since 2010. I started creating my own video games when I realized that while there are many great websites out there with good quality and engaging games – there are also a lot of dodgy websites, with inappropriate content and dubious advertising practices, which were not a great place for youngsters to visit. I therefore wanted to be 100% certain that my students could play games in a safe environment which is why I started creating my own games.

Fast forward to today, where in mid 2020 we find ourselves in a world that we would never have dreamt of even at the start of this year! Students are being taught from home, teachers are teaching online and discovering new and innovative ways to educate their students, parents are looking for new and fun resources to keep their youngsters engaged while continuing their studies – and I decided to put my game making and teaching experience together to create Student Playground, a place where students can play games while learning.