Welcome to Student Playground! Here you will find online educational online games which we have created specifically for young learners.

Our games can be played on desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile devices including tablets and phones.

Importantly, our games are 100% child friendly! No in-game advertising or other nasties 🙂

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Educational Games to Play Online

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Young Learners

Educational games designed for young learners

Games to Learn

Educational games designed for young learners

Safe Environment

Educational games designed for young learners

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About Our Games

Games for Young Learners

Our games have been specifically designed for young learners. You will find educational games covering key concepts such as counting, spelling and vocabulary. 

Student Playground games are ideal for young learners including young learners of English as a second language and other MFL learners.

Maths, Spelling, Grammar and More!

Our games cover a variety of core subjects including maths (yes, British English 😉 however our US friends will find American English ‘translations’ where appropriate!), key vocabulary and other skills.

You will also find downloadable word lists to help practicing offline.

Latest Games!

Learn how to make your own educational games!  Visit our sister site, Edugamery to learn how to create educational games from scratch or to use a template to customize a ready made game.

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